Dimming Conformity

Currently the operation of lamps/luminaires with LED and compact fluorescent technology in combination with integrated electronic is not subject to an official technical standard. LEDVANCE therefore offers several compatibility lists for matching dimmer.

LED retrofit lamps

LED lamps can be dimmed with a multitude of leading edge or trailing edge dimmers available on the market. LEDVANCE provides a list of suggested dimmers for each product.

The standard EN 61000-3-2 is not foreseeing the operation of lamps/luminaires with integrated electronic (Energy-saving lamps or LED lamps/luminaires) on phase cut dimmer.

Therefore, a CE conformity certificate with regard to the EMI directive for such a system (lamp/luminaire and phase cut dimmer) cannot be provided under the standard.

International activities are already in progress that takes into account phase cut dimmers in connection with lamps/luminaires with integrated electronics in the relevant standard EN 61000-3-2 and corresponding changes will be probably decided within a year. The dimming behavior of lamps with integrated electronics distinguishes from conventional incandescent or halogen lamps since they are based on different technological concept. This behavior can be limited in certain cases.

LED lamps contain several electronic components. Under unfavourable conditions these can lead to acoustic noise. In case of resonance even low noise can cause audible effect. Possible factors influencing this are the installation, the design of the lamp holder and the luminaire (acoustic resonance effect) as well as the dimmer or the transformer (harmonics or electronic resonance).

LED lamps compatibility lists for dimmers

Filename Kind Size Date
Dimmer compatibility PAR16 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 534 KB 05.08.2019
Dimmer compatibility PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 527 KB 05.08.2019
Dimmer compatibility PARATHOM R50 + R63 + R80 PDF File 501 KB 05.08.2019
Dimmer compatibility LINE R7s + PIN G9 + PIN G4 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 585 KB 05.08.2019
Dimmer compatibility PARATHOM GlowDim PDF File 516 KB 05.08.2019
Dimmer compatibility CL B PARATHOM DIM PDF File 536 KB 09.09.2019
Dimmer compatibility CL A PARATHOM DIM PDF File 586 KB 09.09.2019
Dimmer compatibility MR11, MR16 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 584 KB 05.08.2019
Dimmer compatibility VINTAGE 1906 CL EDISON + GLOBE PDF File 644 KB 21.09.2018
Dimmer compatibility AR111 PARATHOM PRO PDF File 493 KB 05.08.2019
Dimmer compatibility CL P PARATHOM DIM PDF File 567 KB 09.09.2019
Dimmer compatibility LEDinestra DIM PDF File 565 KB 29.10.2019
Dimmer compatibility PAR16 VALUE PDF File 755 KB 18.09.2018
Dimmer Compatibility PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 PARATHOM DIM APM PDF File 794 KB 12.10.2018
Dimmer Compatibility LED PERFORMANCE STICK PDF File 400 KB 11.07.2019
LED Performance Dim Bulb Gen2 PDF File 393 KB 18.12.2018
Dimmer Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 35&50 PDF File 862 KB 04.01.2019
Dimmer Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 50 PDF File 498 KB 04.01.2019
Dimmer Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 80 PDF File 424 KB 04.01.2019
Dimmer Compatibility LED PERFORMANCE FILAMENT GEN2 PDF File 398 KB 09.04.2019

Dimming Conformity in French

All about Dimming Conformity in French / Toutes les informations sur la gradation et conformité électromagnétique (CEM) en français.

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