LED Floodlights


Product highlight

LED Floodlight Performance

High-power floodlight for large area and sports lighting

  • The extremely robust high-performance Floodlight Max (IK08 and IP66) offers dazzling brightness (up to 164,000 lm) and excellent energy efficiency (up to 137 lm/W). This makes them perfect energy-saving replacements for conventional floodlight solutions with high-pressure lamps
  • Thanks to their modular design (2 to 4 modules) and four different beam angles, they cover many different applications.
  • Superior lighting technology – quick and easy to install
  • The power supply* and the luminaire head* are separate which means that the components can also be mounted separately in different mast positions. 
  • A sturdy and flexible bracket allows for fast and easy single-screw mounting – either on trusses or suspended (e.g. on a crane for building site lighting). Dimming is also very simple thanks to wiring. This allows the individual modules to be switched on and off separately as required.

*Floodlight Max Power Supplies should only be used to operate official Floodlight Max luminaire heads.
*Operation only with seperately available official matching power supply.

Distribution of light SYM 10


Symmetrical 10°
Illumination of small areas with very high light level requirements

2 500 lx U0 > 0.7

Distribution of light SYM 30

Symmetrical 30°
Illumination of sports grounds and applications that require high illumination levels

300 lx U0 > 0.7

Distribution of light SYM 60

Symmetrical 60°
Illumination of sports areas and applications with high or medium light levels

Distribution of light ASYM 50x 110

Asymmetrical wide beam 50° × 110°
Illumination of areas, parking lots and
sports grounds


Benefit highlights

  • Very bright, robust and durable (IK08 and IP66)
  • Energy savings of up to 45 % compared to luminaires that use conventional discharge lamps
  • Easy dimming up to 50 % by wiring
  • No upper light output ratio (ULOR 0 %) when mounted at 0° tilt
  • 5 years guarantee


Recommended applications

  • Outdoor use (IP66)
  • Lighting of large areas
  • Sports facilities
  • Construction areas
  • Direct replacement for luminaires using HID lamps


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