LED Batten luminaires

LED Batten luminaires

The new LED Batten luminaires


LED Batten luminaires LINEAR INDIVILED

The large portfolio of LEDVANCE Batten luminaires replaces luminaires with traditional T8/T5 fluorescent tubes. They can be used in a wide variety of applications and forms as single luminaires or complete lighting strips. Among other things, LEDVANCE Linear IndiviLED for instance offers uniform light distribution and reduced glare thanks to IndiviLED optics.

LED Batten luminaires

Appealing. Distinct. Functional.

LED Batten luminaires

Benefits for your projects

The LEDVANCE LED Batten luminaires are suitable replacements for traditional products and provide energy savings up to 80 % compared to conventional lighting technologies. They require only little space thanks to compact dimensions. The standard versions are equipped with an on/off switch and come in lengths of 300 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm and 1,200 mm. The power version is available in 600 mm, 1,200 mm, 900 mm and 1,500 mm lengths. With these LED luminaires a seamless connection of up to 10 luminaires in a row is possible. They have a housing and diffuser made from robust plastic (PC), all accessories for installation are included.

Which LED Batten luminaire is suitable for which purpose?

Quick infos

Benefit highlights

  • Little space required thanks to compact dimensions
  • Seamless connection of up to 10 luminaires in a row
  • Versions with switch available
  • All accessories for installation included
  • Can be mounted in direct or in perpendicular position


Recommended applications

  • Corridors and entrances
  • Cove lighting
  • Under-cabinet lighting

Savings in energy and costs over the entire lifetime*

Comparison Energy consumption Costs
Traditional equivalent
e. g. 1x36W FL, LUMILUX T8
L 36W/840
1,080 kWh 141.30 €
e. g. Linear LED 1200
14W/3000K 230V IP20
420 kWh 67.72 €
Savings –61.11 % –73.58 €

* Savings calculated based on lifetime of LEDVANCE LED luminaires including purchase price, maintenance and installation costs as well as energy costs of 0.12 EUR/kWh. Calculation of CO2 savings based on European electricity mix and 400 g CO2/kWh. Payback period assumes 7 hours of operation per day and 260 days per year.

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