We have detected a quality deviation on our LINEAR LED TURN luminaries. In case of excessive shaking of the luminaries an insulation of the inside may slide. In rare cases it cannot be excluded that for very specific applications a residual risk for an electric shock remains.

Three product types of this product family are concerned. They are marked with specific numbers, hereinafter referred to as “Ident Codes”:
EAN/Order-Number Product-Name/Description Ident Code
4058075227972 LINEAR LED TURN 557MM 3000K AC354080055
4058075268388 LINEAR LED TURN 357MM 3000K AC354090055
4058075576254 LINEAR LED TURN 557MM 830 SOKEXT AC354100055
The „Ident Code“ can be found on each product label which is pasted on the backside of the luminaire as shown here:
Only luminaires with the aforementioned three (3) Ident Codes are affected. 
LEDVANCE LINEAR LED TURN luminaires with different "Ident Codes" are not affected.

To determine if you have purchased one of the affected products
  • First, disconnect the power plug of the luminaire from the wall outlet.
  • Do NOT touch the luminaire while the power plug is in the socket!
  • Then, dismount the luminaire.
  • Check the product label on the back of the luminaire to see if it is an affected product with one of the aforementioned Ident Codes.
  • If this is the case, please return the product to your vendor or send it to the following address: 
            LEDVANCE GmbH
            Steinerne Furt 62
            86167 Augsburg

For additional enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +49 (0)89 780 673-100 or by e-mail at

Thank you very much for your understanding and assistance which will help us to ensure high quality and safe products.
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