Used as general, cove or accent lighting, the LEDVANCE LED Strip System is a fascinatingly flexible solution that fits into many different lighting scenarios. It creates a stylish atmosphere in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors, and functional, efficient lighting in offices and sanitary facilities. And in shops it guides customers’ eyes and creates desire. Thanks to the new HCL kit, Tunable White LED Strips can even simulate natural daylight.



The lobby is a building’s business card. LED Strips welcome visitors with their warm light. A combination of direct and indirect lighting combines an imposing atmosphere with high functionality. Light lines discreetly emphasize the architecture and point to walkways. The COB LED Strip without visible LED dots is particularly impressive on glossy surfaces.


Visual comfort during changing activities, individual lighting requirements and modern design – Tunable White LED Strips perform numerous tasks in offices. Integrated in suspended ceilings, they illuminate offices and workplaces without glare. Their color temperature can be adjusted via a touch panel. And with the new TW KIT and BIOLUX HCL you can even provide human centric lighting.


Powerful LED Strips as ceiling lighting allow you to illuminate rooms without glare and in high quality. Their warm color temperature supports the effect in the room and ensures a stylish atmosphere. LED Strips bring out modern ceiling solutions particularly well.


In gastronomy, a feel-good atmosphere is important. RGBW LED Strips add some atmospheric sparkle in different colors, creating inviting and modern ambient lighting. The warm white light color produces flattering general lighting – elegant and classy but also functional and efficient.


For all projects that need that extra splash of color, a dash of brilliance and a tad more imagination, there are RGB LED Strips. The different colors give each space a certain appeal. Which light is the coffee going to taste better in?


Generating pure emotion in the showroom, light guides customers’ eyes, creates desire and stages brand worlds. No wonder that LED Strips put on a big show here. They accentuate shelves, focus on products and illuminate the entire shop in discreet, indirect light as cove lighting.



Here, LED Strips really have a chance to show off. The spectrum ranges from indirect, pleasantly warm basic lighting and highlighting counters
and other interior elements to ambient lighting for bathing everything in a cozy glow. And they always combine high quality of light with durability and efficiency.



Making a big entrance, LED Strips as IP67-protected versions are also talented outdoor performers. They enhance entrances and stairs in particular with their functional, aesthetic and efficient light. They not only create a greater feeling of safety but also help prevent accidents.
And look good in the process.



Corridors connect rooms and different parts of the building. First and foremost, the lights need to provide orientation. LED Strips outline walkways, brighten the walls evenly and create a positive feeling of space without a tunnel effect.



In washrooms and toilets, good light conveys cleanliness, hygiene and a pleasant ambience. LED Strips with a high IP66 rating are ideal for damp rooms, perfectly illuminate both washtops and mirrors and add the finishing touches with their sleek design.



Whether you’re traveling for business, going on holiday or spending a romantic evening, you’ll feel right at home in hotel rooms lit by LED Strips. Cleverly placed as accent lighting, their warm, diffuse light creates a homely atmosphere and makes sure your stay lingers long in your memory.

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