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On the Downlight Comfort you can switch between three light colors (3,000/4,000/5,700K). Another benefit: Wholesalers and installers minimize their stock risks because they always have a luminaire with the right light color in stock.

Technical benefits

  • Direct replacement for CFL downlights (1×18W, 2×18W, 2×26W)
  • Antiglare luminaire with UGR<22
  • Low-flicker light thanks to special ECG
  • 3 CCTs in one luminaire, light color can be selected via DIP switches
  • IP54 on room side, suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and sheltered outdoor areas
  • Quick-connect terminal, no tools needed

Downlight Comfort

LED downlights.

Appealing. Distinct. Functional.


Benefits for your projects

The LEDVANCE LED Downlights are highly efficient replacements for CFL downlights. The modern LED luminaires provide energy savings up to 60 % compared the conventional solutions. They are suitable for cut-outs with a diameter of 150 or 200 mm and a ceiling thickness from 3 to 20 mm, can be installed quick and easy also with their advanced flexibility due to an included external driver.

These LED downlights have an aluminum housing and a high-quality PMMA diffuser and are built in a common family design with LEDVANCE Spots. They come with a three-year guarantee.

Quick infos

Benefit highlights

  • Direct replacement for various compact fluorescent lamp downlights
  • Energy savings up to 60%
  • Easy installation and connection
  • Slim versions available for low installation depths


Recommended applications

  • Public rooms and areas
  • Stairways, corridors, foyers
  • Shops

Savings in energy and costs over the entire lifetime*

Comparison Energy consumption Costs
Traditional equivalent
e.g.. 2x26W CFL,
DULUX D/E 26W/840
1 560 kWh 219,25 €
LEDVANCE Downlight
e.g. Downlight LED 25W/4000K
230V IP20
750 kWh 125,03 €
Savings -51,92 % -94,22 €

* Savings calculated based on lifetime of LEDVANCE LED luminaires including purchase price, maintenance and installation costs as well as energy costs of 0.12 EUR/kWh. Calculation of CO2 savings based on European electricity mix and 400 g CO2/kWh. Payback period assumes 7 hours of operation per day and 260 days per year.

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