LED lamps online special 2019/20

More innovation. Greater choice. Better design.

Premium lighting for clever lighting solutions. Be inspired by sophisticated products for lighting professionals.

The LED tube SubstiTUBE T8 Motion Sensor EM delivers both cost and energy savings thanks to an integrated sensor, while the SubstiTUBE T5 Universal impresses as a high-performance, all-round solution. We offer an ideal LED replacement for conventional compact fl uorescent lamps with our extensive OSRAM DULUX LED portfolio. New at the stylish Vintage Edition 1906 retro lamps portfolio: The smoked glass model which creates atmospheric moments. LEDVANCE also offers further efficient LED alternatives for the industrial sector with the OSRAM HQI LED HIGHBAY. And with the SPECIAL T SLIM 60, the switch to LED is also even easier now in the OSRAM HALOLUX CERAM segment with B15d base.

LEDVANCE offers you as a lighting professional one of the world's largest lighting portfolios. And for almost every requirement a suitable solution - use this competitive advantage for your projects!

LED lamps with classic bulbs

LED lamps in classic bulb shapes

Classic meets hightech.

LED lamps with classic shapes
LED Lamps with classic bulb shapes

LEDVANCE offers a huge and comprehensive portfolio of LED lamps with the look & feel of traditional bulb and halogen lamps – in both a frosted and clear full glass version. From CLASSIC A, B and P through to GLOBE and Edison with innovative filament technology in classic incandescent lamp design – our LED CLASSIC range leaves no wish unfulfilled. All lamps impress in terms of efficiency, finish and quality.

New in our portfolio: After focusing on numerous high-wattage portfolio expansions in the past lighting season, this year we are highlighting the further expansion of the full glass portfolio. A major step as this brings the authentic and high-quality look and feel of the good old light bulb into the LED market.

Great design update: The popular Vintage Edition 1906 LED lamps are now also available in stylish smoke glass. The retro LED lamps score with extra warm 1800K light color and innovative spiral filament.

LED reflector lamps

LED reflector lamps from LEDVANCE

Utterly impressive

LED reflector lamps
LED reflector lamps

The latest generation of our LED reflector lamps is ideal for the trouble-free replacement of halogen lamps - especially the visually appealing glass spotlights.

New in our portfolio: A lot has happened with the reflector lamps. Highlight in this lighting season: The new PAR16 with CRI97, 575 lumens and three light colors - now also available as a 80W replacement. The high quality LED lamp is ideal for use in shop lighting. In addition, the PAR 16 50 36 ° / 120 ° 350lm in 2700K is now available for the first time with E14 socket - as a dimmable and non-dimmable version.

All reflector lamps are now made in full glass, except for the GX53 and AR111. Regarding production and quality: Around 80% of all reflector lamps are "Made in Germany". Convince yourself of efficiency, value for money and quality.

LED tubes

The brand new LED tubes from LEDVANCE

Ahead of its time

LED tubes
LED tubes

The latest LED tubes generation 2019/2020 comprises an even wider selection of high-performance and durable products.

New in our portfolio: In the fast-growing segment of LED tubes, we present some innovations this year. Highlight: the new T8 motion sensor. It has a built-in motion sensor that works via microwaves. This enables the trouble-free sensor function even in closed luminaires.

Also new in the portfolio of LED tubes are the T5 UN, from now on for ECG and mains voltage and the new Advanced T8 UN and Value T8 UN. The popular T8 Connected is now also available in the second generation with new sensor features. The LED tubes news package is supplemented by the introduction of the the new T8 U-Shape and T8 Food.

Added feature LED lamps

LED lamps with innovative special features

Much more than only light

Added feature LED lamps
Added feature LED lamps

LED lamps with special features - clever solutions to impress your customers!

New in our portfolio: New name, greater functionality, same quality: The popular PARATHOM DUO CLICK DIM is called THREE STEP DIM from this lighting season on. Instead of just two levels of brightness, the new LED lamp now offers three levels with the click of a button. You can easlily switch between 15 %, 45 % and 100 % brightness using the light switch.

The exciting GLOWdim, Daylight Sensor and Active & Relax lamps remain in the range.

Special LED lamps

LED lamps for special applications

Different tasks

LED special lamps
LED special lamps

LEDVANCE offers suitable products that fulfill special requirements for special application areas too – and in the most varied shapes and base versions. All of the lamps have one thing in common however: innovative LED technology, energy savings and excellent efficiency.

New in our portfolio: There are several news about the special lamps. Highlight in this lighting season: the new HQI LED Highbay with 95 / 140W - an ideal 250W / 400W replacement for HQI lamps with KVG / mains voltage without rewiring. Also new is the Pro version of the HQL LED with 2000 lm.

Completely new is the Circolux, an excellent halogen replacement for high luminous flux applications in large shade and pendant luminaires. Also new in the portfolio: The Special T SLIM 60 as a simple replacement of halogen lamps, which can be used especially in many small design luminaires thanks to its compact design. Finally also new in the assortment: the DULUX L55 LED and new dimmable versions as well as new small product versions of the PIN G9, GY6.35, G4.

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