LEDVANCE, the internationally renowned company for general lighting, is entering a new era. Under the slogan “We are taking the future in hand,” the lighting specialist is introducing plastic-free packaging for LED lamps in the OSRAM brand. The new folding boxes are not just good for the environment and your green conscience. They will also provide you with real benefits when you buy a lamp.

The new folding boxes for LED lamps are made of 80% recycled cardboard, are totally plastic free and are 100% recyclable. In this way, LEDVANCE will reduce plastic waste by 225 tons annually in Europe alone*! By purchasing OSRAM’s LED lamps, you as a consumer can make a real contribution to sustainability.

Clear conscience and understandable information

The packaging has been designed down to the very smallest detail. The sturdy cardboard boxes reliably protect the product. At the same time, a large visibility panel and clear base presentation offer an unobstructed view of the bulb, shape and design. All important information like wattage, lumens, lifespan, light color and dimmability is also clearly and prominently dis displayed. As a result, you can quickly and directly find your desired product – and you won´t need a lot of assistance to do so.

*by avoiding conventional blister packaging, annually and only in Europe

Plastic Free Packaging
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