P CLAS A 75 10.5 W/2700K E27

Product benefits
  • Low energy consumption
  • High color consistency thanks to narrow binning
  • Easy replacement of classic lamps thanks to compact design

Product details

Electrical data

Rated wattage 10.50 W
Nominal wattage 10.50 W
Nominal voltage 220…240 V
Max. lamp no. on circuit break. 10 A (B) 70
Max. lamp no. on circuit break. 16 A (B) 120
Operating frequency 50…60 Hz
Power factor λ > 0.70
Claimed equiv. conventional lamp power 75 W

Photometrical data

Nominal luminous flux 1055 lm
Rated luminous flux 1055 lm
Lumen main.fact.at end of nom.life time 0.70
Light color (designation) Warm White
Color temperature 2700 K
Luminous flux 1055 lm
Color rendering index Ra ≥80
Standard deviation of color matching ≤6 sdcm
Rated color temperature 2700 K
Color rendering index Ra ≥80

Light technical data

Warm-up time (60 %) < 1.00 s
Starting time < 0.5 s

Dimensions & weight

Overall length 110.0 mm
Diameter 60.0 mm
Outer bulb A60
Length 110.0 mm

Temperatures & operating conditions

Ambient temperature range -20…+40 °C
Maximum temperature at tc test point 100 °C


Nominal lamp life time 25000 h
Rated lamp life time 25000 h
Number of switching cycles 100000
Lumen maintenance at end of service life 0.70

Additional product data

Base (standard designation) E27
Mercury content 0.0 mg
Mercury-free Yes
Design / version frosted
Show WEEE picto Yes
Product remark All technical parameters apply to the entire lamp/Due to the complex production process for light-emitting diodes, the typical values shown for the technical LED parameters are purely statistical values that do not necessarily match the actual technical parameters of each individual product, which can vary from the typical value/LED lamps contain several electronic components. Under unfavourable conditions these can lead to acoustic noise. In case of resonance even low noise can cause audible effect. Possible factors influencing this are the installation, the design of the lamp holder and the luminaire (acoustic resonance effect) as well as the dimmer or the transformer (harmonics or electronic resonance)


Dimmable Yes

Certificates & standards

Energy efficiency class A+
Energy consumption 11 kWh/1000h

Country-specific categorizations

Order reference LEDPCLA75D 10,5
Product code Packaging unit
Piece / unit
Dimensions in h x w x l Gross weight Volume
4058075462595 FS
61mm x 61mm x 109mm 57.00g 0.41dm³
4058075462601 VS
318mm x 133mm x 124mm 688.00g 5.24dm³
EAN SEG number STK number EFO number
4058075462595 8295489 4731446 3734055
Product benefits
  • Low energy consumption
  • High color consistency thanks to narrow binning
  • Easy replacement of classic lamps thanks to compact design
Areas of application
  • Domestic applications
  • General illumination
  • Outdoor use in outdoor luminaires only (minimum IP65)
Product features
  • Professional LED lamps for line voltage
  • Dimmable (with many common dimmers, see also www.ledvance.com/dim)
  • Long lifetime: up to 25,000 h
  • Good quality of light; color rendering index Ra: ≥ 80; constant chromaticity

References / Links
For dimming conformity see www.ledvance.com/dim
For further products and actual information concerning LED lamps see www.ledvance.com/ledlamps
For Guarantee see www.ledvance.com/guarantee