Software for DALI and 3DIM ECGs

DALI Wizard

DALI Wizard

GUI for setting-up, analysis and diagnostics of DALI ECG installations (in combination with DALI magic hardware)

  • Reading/Changing all DALI settings or specific parameters (filtering function)
  • Offline/online configuration of the DALI installation


  • Recording all traffic of a DALI line
  • Saving and offline analysis of recorded traffic
  • Marking of OSRAM special commands (additional to DALI standard)
  • For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

3DIM Tool

3DIM Tool

Enhances 3DIM ECGs through individual configuration (in combination with DALI magic hardware)

The parameters for the innovative 3DIM ECGs are defined with the “3DIM Tool” PC software in combination with the “DALI Magic” hardware interface. In this way it is possible to set up StepDIM and AstroDIM configurations, beyond the preset parameters, so that these configurations are ideally matched to the locations where the ECGs are being used.

  • Simultaneous programming of up to 64 ECGs
  • AstroDIM and StepDIM parameter setting

  • OPTOTRONIC EVG configuration:
  • Nominal current
  • Constant lumen
  • Temperature protection
  • NTC monitoring and temperature history visualization
  • PIN protection

  • 3DIM ECG readout
  • Dedicated manufacturing mode
  • Report feature
  • Available languages: German, Englisch, Italian, French, Spanish
  • Suitable for operating system Windows XP and Windows 7


To ensure full compatibility of all configuration files created in the past latest 3DIM Tool version needs to be used. All PCs between which configuration files are shared need to have latest 3DIM Tool version.

Optotronic Tool


Enables OPTOTRONIC DALI LED drivers configuration (in combination with DALI magic hardware)

  • Nominal output current
  • Constant lumen
  • LEDSet interface
  • PIN protection

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