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Proper lighting in the home office with the Lux-O-Meter app

LEDVANCE app helps to prevent side effects of too dim light such as fatigue.

Smartphone with Lux-o-meter app on a desk

With the new "Lux-O-Meter" app from LEDVANCE, employees can reliably check whether the illuminance at their home workplace is sufficient, even without high-priced measuring devices. While in offices in Germany an illuminance of at least 500 lux is mandatory, at home, it is often only 100-200 lx. In the long run, this can lead to headaches, eyestrain, or lack of concentration and fatigue. With the app, employees can now easily and reliably test whether their lighting is sufficient or whether they should improve it accordingly. The app is now available for iOS and Android devices in the respective app stores.

At regular workplaces, there are precise specifications regarding lighting, among other things. However, the workplace situation at home is usually very different from these standards. The LEDVANCE app now helps to check the often neglected lighting situation at home with minimal effort. Calibration measurements already carried out under various lighting conditions are stored in it. These compensate for the initially inaccurate raw data from the cell phone sensors. The user therefore does not have to make any adjustments.

In iOS devices, the illuminance is determined via the camera image, whereas in the Android version it is determined via the built-in light sensor. Both versions offer a well-founded measurement result. This is evaluated by the app, taking into account the normative requirements for work-places, and communicated to the user in a playful manner.

Moreover, LEDVANCE is on the hunt to snatch the prestigious award. The project “LUX@HOME” is nominated for the “German Innovation Award 2021”. “LUX@HOME” aims to light up Home Offices according to the norm – simple and fast. LEDVANCE believe that the project “LUX@HOME” fulfils all the requirements and therefore would deserve to be awarded in the category “Excellence in Business to Consumer” in its subcategory “Lighting”.

Further details on the right level of light for the workspace at home are available at:



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