• LEDVANCE launches new street lighting lamp family OSRAM NAV LED

    Trade press
    The efficient LED alternative for street lighting leads to reduced running costs.
    Horizon panorama mountain and dramatic twilight sky and cloud sunset background
  • Comfortable glare-free LED lighting for high demands

    Trade press
    With the lighting for the school of special education, LEDVANCE LED lighting solutions meet high expectations in terms of light distribution, glare and energy efficiency.
    Project Visio School
  • New shop lighting at Huis & Wonen

    Trade press
    To meet Huis & Wonen requirements for optimal lighting of the shop, the whole lighting situation was upgraded for all indoor and outdoor areas, in order to create the right atmosphere and signific ...
    Project Huis & Wonen Gorinchem NL
  • LEDVANCE UVC HEPA Air Purifier kills viruses on the go

    Trade press
    Mobile device with HEPA filter and UV-C LEDs cleans the air from COVID-19 viruses and bacteria.
    UVC Air Purifier Kitchen Woman
  • Proper lighting in the home office with the Lux-O-Meter app

    Trade press
    LEDVANCE app helps to prevent side effects of too dim light such as fatigue.
    Phone App Presentation

    Trade press
    With the lighting of Park 4 GmbH premium garage, LEDVANCE meets all expectations in terms of energy efficiency, maintenance effort and flexible use, even with special room heights.
    Case Study: Park4 GmbH - Premium Parking Garage
  • LEDVANCE launches LED lamps family for special applications

    Trade press
    Slim and compact LED lamps replace halogen lamps in designer luminaires with a wide range of sockets and refrigerators.
    Hotel lobby hall interior
  • New LEDVANCE lamps for street lighting

    Trade press
    Family of LED replacements for HID lamps save almost 80% energy.
    St Petersburg Florida
  • LEDVANCE launches new OSRAM DULUX LED lamp for offices and public buildings

    Trade press
    LEDVANCE extends its offerings of professional special LED lamps.
    DULUX F36 LED 18W
  • LEDVANCE UV-C sterilization box reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria

    Trade press
    With the launch of its UV-C sterilization box, LEDVANCE addresses the increasing need for quick, safe and toxic-free sterilization of numerous everyday objects.
    Sterilization Box Kitchen
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