The favorite products of Sebastian Schweissgut, head of product & portfolio management residential EU-W, combine tradition with a new beginning.

Sebastian Schweissgut

1. What is your favorite product officially called and what is your internal nickname for it?

The first product is officially called “SMART+ Filament Bluetooth”. The nickname is “Filament unskirted” because it is the first filament lamp without a plastic heatsink ring. This means that the dimensions of the lamp are just as large as traditional light bulbs. The second product I have brought is the “SMART+ Endura Cube up and down”. Internally we like to call it “Magic Cube” because it is a smart luminaire in the shape of a cube that can even change the color of the light.

2. What is the “superpower” of your favorite product?

The “SMART+ Filament Bluetooth” can be controlled via Google Speaker without any additional gateways. This makes it one of the fastest reacting smart lamps in Europe. The superpower of the “Magic Cube” is also smart. The Magic Cube can be perfectly combined with our other products and controlled conveniently via Google Home. Different settings, light colors and routines can be preset or simply controlled by voice command.

3. How does your product represent the principles and ambition of LEDVANCE?

My first product replaces Halogen Classic, which LEDVANCE was successful with for a long time. With our normal LED filament lamp, we are already as successful as we were with Halogen Classic. Our ambition now is to achieve the same with the smart version, the “SMART+ Filament Bluetooth”. The “Magic Cube” on the other hand stands for the new beginning of the residential luminaires and the entire residential team at LEDVANCE. With this product we quickly agreed that we wanted to launch it in exactly this way. It is precisely this team understanding and the will to breaking new ground that characterizes LEDVANCE.

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