Vintage 1906 PenduLum PRO

Product benefits
  • Flexible lighting thanks to countless mounting possibilities
  • Made of solid aluminum with high-quality appearance
  • Semi-matt surface with great look and feel
  • Accessories for flexible mounting options included
Areas of application
  • Living areas (living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms etc.)
  • Professional (hotels, bars, boutiques etc.)
Product features
  • Reduced industrial design
  • Made of classic materials
  • Special vintage appeal when combined with 1906 LED and halogen lamps
  • Flexible mounting options: leash principle
  • Available in various colors

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Overview Vintage 1906 PenduLum PRO

Product description Operating mode Type of installation Number of lighting outlets Nominal wattage Color temperature [AGMP]
Vintage 1906 PenduLum PRO Black
Vintage 1906 PenduLum PRO Gold