Human Centric Lighting

SUN@HOME increases your well-being

Would you like to start the day actively with your family and kids, still be receptive in the afternoon and get a good night's sleep in the evening? Would you like to be able to work effectively in your own home office and still have enough energy for other things in the evening? Or would you like to set up your own little oases of peace and relaxation at home and still have the feeling of having been outside all day? All of this is now possible thanks to the special SUN@HOME lighting products from LEDVANCE.

Your own well-being can be increased and optimized through very specific things. We usually equate a healthy environment with plenty of daylight and fresh air. We try to go outside as often and as much as possible. But often that doesn't work out, because of  work, school or bad weather. But exactely a circadian rhythm is important for our biosystem so we can stay focused and awake during the day and are able to relax in the evening. Therefore we find deeper and better sleep and have more energy during the day. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) technology  made it possible to optimize light by using special full-spectrum LEDs that looks almost like natural sunlight.

Human Centric Lighting



Artificial light has revolutionized our lives. We can work anywhere at any time – and of course that has made us more productive. But does it also make us healthier? For a healthy, efficient rhythm of life, we need the natural changes in daylight. Working indoors in poor light makes us tired, depressed and listless.


Homes with little daylight, dark children's rooms and artificial light until late at night – in our modern society, we are moving further and further away from our natural environment. Daylight is one of the most important sources of energy for our biological rhythm. A lack of daylight can cause serious disruption to our day/ night rhythm (our “inner clock”), and massive degradation in our performance and overall well-being.


Human Centric Lighting
Source: LightingEurope


Human Centric Lighting

If we receive too little light during the day, our melatonin level falls too low. As a result, we do not sleep well at night, and we are sluggish, tired and listless during the day.

Source: LightingEurope

Human Centric Lighting

The most natural type of light for your home

SUN@HOME was developed to give the human body the light it needs. SUN@HOME products high-quality light that mimics the natural course of light and the quality of sunlight.

Some of the advantages that everyone in the household can experience through our products are:

  • Increased vigilance during the day
  • Greater concentration and performance
  • Better mood and visual comfort
  • Higher sleep intensity and patterns
  • Health-promoting thanks to an innovative luminaire coating that purifies the air

See the special products for

… you and your familiy

...your perfect home office

... your own relaxation oasis at home

Individually controllable or simply automated

Simply via app: SUN@HOME products offer automatic or individual adjustments that are perfectly tailored to your own biorhythm. An additional PLUS: SUN@HOME offers additional intelligent functions that promote your well-being,
E.g. waking up to slowly turn on the light, adjusting the light to the weather and much more.

The automatic biorhythm control at a glance:

  • Activating light during the day
  • Relaxing light in the evening
  • Reduced blue light in the LED spectrum to avoid unpleasant effects
  • Offers the whole range of SMART + WIFI functions such as dimming, tunable white, timer, automation, voice control, ...
Human Centric Lighting

Holistic well-being with SUN@HOME

Perfect light and clean air

Germs, fungi and unpleasant smells will be a thing of the past too. In order to create a holistic, healthy indoor climate, a clean ambient air in addition to the right lighting is also required. With the innovative luminaire coating that our products are own, more freshness and hygiene are ensured.

With their coating, the luminaires ensure that the ambient air is disinfected. For example, pathogens that hit the coating will be eliminated. Harmful substances in your environment are broken down by the light.

Better air and light perfectly matched to the biorhythm - a holistic solution for your personal well-being.

Human Centric Lighting
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