U-shaped T8

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Overview U-shaped T8

Product description Dimmable Nominal wattage Color rendering index Ra Luminous flux at 25 °C Rated color temperature
L U 18 W/830 18.00W 80…89 1350lm 3000K
L U 18 W/840 18.00W 80…89 1350lm 4000K
L U 36 W/830 36.00W 80…89 3550lm 3000K
L U 36 W/840 36.00W 80…89 3350lm 4000K
L U 58 W/830 58.00W 80…89 5250lm 3000K
L U 58 W/840 58.00W 80…89 5250lm 4000K

L U 58 W/840

Product benefits
  • Extremely economical
  • Good quality of light
  • Excellent luminous flux

Product details

Electrical data

Nominal voltage 115 V
Rated lamp efficacy (HF data 25 °C) Under clarification by authority and standardization body
Rated wattage 58.00 W
Nominal wattage 58.00 W

Photometrical data

Rated lamp efficacy (standard condition) 90 lm/W
Color rendering index Ra 80…89
Rated luminous flux 5220 lm
Luminous flux at 25 °C 5250 lm
Light color 840
Rated color temperature 4000 K
Nominal luminous flux 5220 lm
Light color (designation) LUMILUX Cool White
Rated LLMF at 2,000 h 0.85
Rated LLMF at 4,000 h 0.78
Rated LLMF at 6,000 h 0.73
Color temperature 4000 K
Luminous flux 5220 lm
Color rendering index Ra 80…89

Dimensions & weight

Tube diameter 26 mm
Length 765.0 mm
Length with base excl. base pins/connection 765.00 mm
Diameter 26.0 mm
Maximum diameter 26.0 mm

Temperatures & operating conditions

Rated ambient temp.w.max.luminous flux 25.0 °C


Service life 5250 h
Lifespan 7500 h
Rated lamp survival factor at 2,000 h 0.99
Rated lamp survival factor at 4,000 h 0.98
Rated lamp survival factor at 6,000 h 0.81
Operation mode LLMF/LSF 50 Hz
Rated lamp life time 7500 h
Nominal lamp life time 7500 h

Additional product data

Base (standard designation) 2G13
Mercury content 8.0 mg
Show WEEE picto Yes


Suitable for indoor Yes

Certificates & standards

Energy efficiency class A
Energy consumption 68 kWh/1000h
Product code Packaging unit
Piece / unit
Gross weight Volume
4008321469205 FLH
122mm x 771mm x 30mm 370.00g 2.82dm³
4008321469212 VS
790mm x 260mm x 196mm 4781.00g 40.26dm³
EAN STK number EFO number ELDAS number
4008321469205 4930134 3860929 946218220
Product benefits
  • Extremely economical
  • Good quality of light
  • Excellent luminous flux
Areas of application
  • Street lighting, city lighting
  • Industry
Product features
  • Good color rendering group: 1B (Ra: 80…89)
  • Good average lifetime
  • Double-capped U-shaped fluorescent lamp
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for operation on electronic and conventional control gears

Safety advice
In case of lamp breakage:

System guarantee
OSRAM System+ Guarantee in combination with OSRAM ECGs