Mercury is a poisonous metal. It affects the nervous system adversely after prolonged exposure to a significant concentration. However, minute amounts of mercury are necessary for efficient discharge lamps such as fluorescent lamps. The mercury is contained in the glass bulb of the lamp and can not escape into the environment unless the glass is damaged.

Handling broken lamps

The only time a consumer might be exposed to mercury is if the glass of a lamp is broken. In this case there are certain rules to follow in order to minimize the exposure.

To obtain the maximum environmental benefit from these energy saving lamps, LEDVANCE follows a multi-part strategy: the mercury contained in our lamps was reduced to the lowest technically necessary level, recycle lamps, and inform the public about mercury.

Mercury-free alternatives for domestic use

Thanks to the progress of modern lighting technology there are also mercury-free alternatives to compact fluorescent lamps. A good example for this is the energy-efficient, innovative LED lamp. This lamp type is as energy-saving as compact fluorescent lamps, lights up instantly and has a longer lifetime. Another mercury-free alternative would be the halogen lamp. However, this lamp type is not as efficient as compact fluorescent or LED lamps and has a shorter lifetime.

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