Environmental Management

Environmental management at LEDVANCE includes the sustainable handling of energy, water, waste and chemicals as well as the control of air pollution. Above that, the environmentally conscious design and recycling of products play an important role. These objectives are defined in our EHS guidelines and are therefore mandatory for all locations of operation worldwide. In order to continually monitor the degree of achievement of our objectives for environmental protection, we have created an organization with clearly defined areas of responsibility and a systematic management system certified according to the international standard ISO 14001 for continuous improvement processes.

Environmental management according to ISO 14001

Since 1996, the international standard ISO 14001 has served as the basis for creating environmental management systems. It aims to continually improve environmental protection measures throughout the industry. A company can obtain ISO 14001 certification by:

  • Pursuing concrete environmental policies, including the establishment of environmental guidelines
  • Conducting regular environmental analyses aimed at establishing new environmental objectives and environmental programs to meet changing needs
  • Defining and documenting the allocation of funds for environmental protection
  • Conducting regular internal audits
  • Conducting regular evaluations of its environmental management and making changes where needed

LEDVANCE has created the necessary organization for this industry standard and a comprehensive system for environmental management. Worldwide all LEDVANCE plants are certified according to ISO 14001.

In case of need, certificates can be requested from the following address: sustainability@ledvance.com

Environmental protection at our production sites

Responsibility for environmental protection at LEDVANCE lies clearly with company management and is supervised by the EHS department which handles company-wide coordination and continued development. At individual plants, managers and their department heads are responsible for practical implementation. The plants receive support and advice from our environmental experts on energy, water, waste, chemicals and air pollution.

Internal monitoring and environmental analyses

We regularly monitor our environmental management and conduct audits to test the progress made in environmental protection and ensure that it complies with the EHS guidelines. This monitoring and analysis is carried out by our EHS department. LEDVANCE uses these results to ensure that all relevant legal and other requirements are respected and to explore innovative ways of improving environmental protection at LEDVANCE. For environmental reporting we have globally implemented a web-based EHS software suite. Each LEDVANCE site exceeding a defined threshold in energy consumption, emissions or waste production is required to quarterly report its environmental figures.

Sustainability in Transport Logistics

Sustainability plays an important role for us also in transport logistics because the combustion of fuel produces CO2 emissions. LEDVANCE records these CO2 emissions so that they can be minimized by making the most efficient use of transport facilities.

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