Sleek design and functional diversity

20.03.2018 | General interest press

At Light + Building, LEDVANCE is showcasing numerous additions to its successful portfolio of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires

Thanks to their elegant design and their functional diversity, LED luminaires from LEDVANCE are more and more conquering also the residential space. At Light + Building 2018, the LED lighting company based in Garching, Germany is presenting an enormous range of new models, which will be available from retailers in the summer. The long-life OSRAM-branded luminaires offer proven quality and functional diversity, both indoors and outdoors.

The current indoor lighting trend for panel luminaires with their modern reduced design shows no signs of abating. For the “Planon” family of products, LEDVANCE makes the most of the extremely flat design made possible by the use of LEDs in particular. In 2018 there will be a new addition to the Planon family in the form of the “Frameless” series in which the entire base serves as the light emitting surface. The new luminaires are available as simple on/off models, on/off models with adjustable color temperatures between warm white (2,700 K) and cold white (6,500 K), and the flagship model with RGB colors and tunable white. The stylish square Frameless LED models have edge lengths of 300, 400 or 600 mm; the rectangular models have a length of 600 or 1,200 mm and various widths.

The “Transparent” series from LEDVANCE is another new series of Planon products with a decorative concept. The main light source here is enclosed by a semi-transparent shield. While the main light source is the same size in almost all the models, the shields have different shapes and sizes from model to model. They are illuminated by further light sources inside in different white tones or RGB colors to create an attractive decorative effect. The longest luminaire is a rectangle with rounded edges and a long side of 1,200 mm, ideal for example over a dining table. The oval is 500 mm long, and the square measures 300 mm on each side. With a round shield the Transparent luminaires have a diameter of 300 or 600 mm. All the Planon models can be surface mounted; some can be used as pendant luminaires.

LEDVANCE is also launching the “Orbis” family in the surface-mount product group. The bulbous LED luminaires previously marketed under the Silara name will be gradually integrated in the Orbis family.

The new LED Spot Kits are another highlight with their mounting depth of only three centimeters. They can be dimmed from any standard light. Simply double clicking on the switch will start the luminaire dimming; double clicking again will stop the process. The spotlights are housed in a high-quality metal casing and can be swiveled by as much as 20 degrees.

Serving up the right light

LEDVANCE’s stylish “Panan” luminaires bring LED light to the table. They all offer warm white light with 3,000 K, a variety of designs and colors to suit different tastes and various technical configurations. Some models with built-in rechargeable batteries can provide off-grid light for several hours. Some can be switched on and off and dimmed via a touch sensor. Others offer tunable white light. Most models rest on a pedestal, and some are available with a table clamp. The “Panan Speaker” model has a built-in speaker that can be operated via Bluetooth or a jack plug. And the “Panan Alu USB” will certainly be of interest to people addicted to their smartphones or tablets because of its handy USB-A power socket at the back.

Great light for outdoors

For the outdoor sector, LEDVANCE is extending its Endura Style range in particular. The focus here is on the models popular with customers, namely those with sensors, the “Up-and-Down” lights and versions in stainless steel. These luminaires feature integrated LED modules, many come with either daylight or motion sensors and all provide warm white 3,000 K light. They are both chic and robust and benefit from a five-year guarantee. The Solar luminaires family will also be expanded. In time for the new lighting season, the range will for the first time include pillar and pathway lights. They can be switched to operate either on line voltage or from the solar energy stored in the built-in rechargeable battery.

In response to widespread customer demand, LEDVANCE is launching “Endura Classic”, a product group with an E27 socket, in which the light source can be freely combined with the luminaire to meet different user requirements – for example with decorative LED filament lamps or with smart lamps from LEDVANCE.

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With offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers. Having emerged from the general lighting business of OSRAM GmbH, LEDVANCE offers a wide-ranging assortment of LED luminaires for a broad spectrum of application areas, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, and traditional light sources. Since 2017, LEDVANCE has been owned by a consortium, consisting of the leading Chinese LED lighting company MLS and the investment firms IDG Capital and Yiwu. In fiscal year 2017, LEDVANCE achieved a turnover of around 1.9 billion Euro. Based on an agreement with OSRAM, LEDVANCE will continue to use the trusted OSRAM brand for many of its products (SYLVANIA for the USA and Canada). Further information can be found at

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