Luminous everyday helpers for house and courtyard

26.09.2017 | General interest press

New LED mobile and functional luminaires from Ledvance now bring simplicity back to everyday life with their appealing designs and practical functions.

Cooking in best light

A kitchen is the centerpiece of a house. Here is where cooking, eating and washing up takes place and were much time is spent. And more light is frequently needed for work purposes, particularly when baking or cutting vegetables. The under cabinet luminaire system Osram Linear LED Corner from Ledvance now provides immediate help. The LED luminaires are available in lengths of 50 or 80 centimeters, are very simply attached with clips below the overhead cabinets and illuminate with pleasant warm white light (3,000 Kelvin). The "Corner" model also has an additional module with USB sockets, allowing users to charge their mobile phones or other devices. A favorite audio book or music can also be played during cooking using a further module with integrated Bluetooth loudspeaker.

The Osram Linear LED Turn from Ledvance can also be flexibly used in the kitchen and comes in lengths of 36 or 56 centimeters. The under cabinet luminaire with its tiltable element directs light precisely onto the specific area of the work surface.

Linear LED Corner
Provide practical light and music in the kitchen: The Osram Linear LED Corner under cabinet luminaire system is ideal for mounting below overhead cabinets. This system is available with various modules from September – one with USB sockets and another with Bluetooth loudspeaker. Image: Ledvance

A compact helper in all cases

To prevent tripping up when working in the garage or washroom for example, Ledvance offers a solution with its splash water-protected (IP65) damp-proof luminaires from the Osram Submarine LED range. The "sealed for life" model ensures good visibility in otherwise dark rooms with its especially bright light and uniform light distribution in neutral white (4,000 Kelvin). The luminaire comes to market in three different lengths with 60, 120 and 150 centimeters.

Going down the cellar steps or stairway fully laden in the dark? No longer a problem thanks to the Nightlux range of luminaires from Ledvance. With their motion sensor and a range of up to five meters, they detect when light is needed in the dark and switch themselves on. The Stair, Torch and Hall models in the series not only point the way indoors but outdoors as well and feature a battery run time of up to 25 hours.

Osram Doorled
With their neutral white light, Osram Doorled are welcome little helpers in the dark, when opening the front door for example. Image: Ledvance

Whether it's the cellar door, front door or garden shed – the keyhole is often difficult to find in evening hours. Ledvance offers a solution with its flexible-use, sensor-controlled Osram Doorled that according to the specific model has a detection range of five meters (Doorled UpDown) or eight meters (Doorled Down), and among other benefits makes the annoying search for keyholes superfluous. The battery-operated luminaires emit neutral white light (4,000 Kelvin) and, depending on the model, have a service life of 15 or 20 to 25 hours.

If the kids simply can't get to sleep without light, it is time for Lunetta night lights from Ledvance. The lights create soft light and are simply inserted into any standard socket.

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