Glass-clear: The new retro-look LED lamps from Ledvance

24.08.2017 | General interest press

With their high quality bulbs of glass, the new versions of the popular LED retrofit lamps provide a special charm in any room.

Retro lamps with modern LED technology are a much-loved element of style in many homes. Lamps made of glass are currently particularly popular. To achieve that special level of flair in homes, Ledvance has now extended its Osram-brand product spectrum to offer a major part of its LED lamps in the form of stylish glass models. Almost all glass lamps are also available in matt and some models with cooler color temperature for precisely the right lighting in any interior. All lamps are now available at retailers – for example in DIY stores or supermarkets - and online.

Whether it's a golden pendant luminaire or crystal chandelier – hardly any style is currently as popular as retro. In addition to a suitable luminaire the lamp is also decisive for the right appearance – it's here that LED lamps made of glass are particularly liked thanks to their stylish outer. With the new Osram-brand LED filament lamps from Ledvance, the light manufacturer now places new models to the market that thanks to their "LED glow wire" not only look reassuringly similar to incandescent lamps but also radiate a cool, retro charm. They simultaneously offer all the advantages of state-of-the-art LED technology and thereby consume just a fraction of the electricity, and also impress with a longer service life.

A new edition of the retro look for home use

Because of the popularity of lamps produced from glass, Ledvance now has a diverse selection of different shapes and models for designing any room at home according to individual wishes. To enable more efficient work for example in home offices, the new Ledvance assortment now has models with a cool 4,000 Kelvin color temperature. Almost the complete filament product spectrum is also available with matt glass bulbs.

To transform hallways into stylish reception areas a solution is available true to the original style in the form of the Classic B models of glass with E14 bases, also ideal for chandeliers.

A further highlight is the golden "Tubular" LED from the popular Edition 1906 that can be freely positioned in the room to provide greater flexibility with interior design.

Completing the selection of LED glass lamps, Ledvance has also expanded its Osram-brand reflector assortment with new models in addition to its LED filament portfolio. These have diverse uses, e.g. in bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and living rooms, and many are also "Made in Germany" and produced in the Ledvance works at Eichstätt.

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