Lux Live 2018

LEDVANCE is presenting its exciting new lighting portfolio at Lux Live 2018

LUX Live 2018 sees LEDVANCE not only at the forefront of lighting innovation. The company bringing industry leading features to its extensive product range, and every lamp and luminaire – from simple to install plug and play products, to vintage-inspired lamps – is built with design in mind.

Lux Live 2018

LEDVANCE features cutting-edge lighting solutions

LEDVANCE, legally independent since July 2016, is expanding its portfolio of LED luminaires to the trade sales channels, and the company’s portfolio is being successively expanded for smart homes. LEDVANCE also features the largest LED retrofit lamp portfolio from the OSRAM brand, allowing it to bring style and design, as well as function and efficiency to a wide range of products in the 2018/2019 lighting season.

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